We are PetPal

Picture this: a seamless healthcare journey, a whimsical digital pet booklet known as the Pet Pawrtal, and a haven where all your pet's needs are all into one effortlessly accessible platform. Let's team up to carve out more moments for delightful treats, heartwarming cuddles, and leisurely walks—and less time worrying!


PetPal ensures your pets live their healthiest lives.

More than treatos and chew toys,


pets helped


happy pet parents


expert vets


partner clinics and brands


Your everyday

pet care companion

Driven by our mission to empower vets and pet owners, PetPal is here to ensure your pets lead their happiest and healthiest lives.

  • Vet Teleconsult (less stress for pets!)
  • Chat with a Vet (starts at P99 ONLY!)
  • Book a Clinic Visit (and skip the long lines!)
  • Book Home Grooming Visit (pamper pets at home!)
  • Join PetPal Club (don't let your pets miss out!)


Getting help is faster than your pet saying yes to go for a walk.


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It only takes a few seconds. Register and enroll your pets to get started.

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