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Zenith Grain-Free Moist Dog Food Lamb Meat & Potato (Senior)

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Zenith Grain-Free Moist Dog Food Lamb Meat & Potato (Senior)

Available ing 1.2kg and 3kg
Suitable for Senior Dogs

Key Features:
1. Raw Meat Excellence: Premium quality with raw meat, featuring fresh chicken breast and potatoes.
2. Skin and Coat Brilliance: Enhanced with omega fatty acids from salmon oil for a lustrous coat.
3. Immunity Unleashed: Korean first: beta-glucan for fortified immunity, with added coconut oil, levan, and lysine for vitality.
4. Active Body Shape Support: Includes medium-chain fatty acids and carnitine for a healthy body shape.
5. Fecal Odor Reduction: Yucca extract minimizes unpleasant fecal odors.
6. Bone and Joint Love: Chondroitin and glucosamine for vital bone and joint support.
7. Grain-Free Excellence: Avoids cheap grains, opting for vitamin C-rich potatoes.
8. Precision Manufacturing: Low-temperature dry method for enhanced palatability and nutrient retention.
9. Soft Texture for Dental Health: Ideal for older dogs with dental problems.
10. Tailored for Activity Dogs: Low-calorie design featuring lamb meat for active dogs.
11. Senior Dog Health Embrace: Supports bone health in older dogs.
12. Immunity Reinforcement: Infused with beta-glucan and coconut for enhanced immunity.

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