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Zenith Grain-Free Soft Dog Food Chicken Breast & Potato (Puppy)

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Zenith Grain-Free Soft Dog Food Chicken Breast & Potato (Puppy)

Available ing 1.2kg and 3kg
Suitable for Puppies

Key Features:
1. Raw Meat Excellence: Unparalleled in Korea, our product combines semi-drying with raw meat, showcasing our proprietary know-how and the goodness of fresh domestic chicken breast and potatoes.
2. Skin and Coat Wellness: Enriched with omega fatty acids from salmon oil, promoting optimal skin and coat health for your beloved companion.
3. Immunity Boosting Breakthrough: A Korean first, our formula includes beta-glucan for enhanced immune function, ensuring your dog's overall well-being.
4. Vitality Amplifiers: Infused with coconut oil, levan (dietary fiber), and lysine, our product supports your dog's vitality, contributing to a vibrant life.
5. Active Metabolism Support: Medium-chain fatty acids and carnitine are added to facilitate active fat metabolism, aiding in maintaining a healthy body shape.
6. Fecal Odor Reduction: Yucca extract is incorporated to help minimize the unpleasant odor associated with your dog's feces.
7. Bone and Joint Care: Chondroitin and Glucosamine are included to provide crucial support for your dog's bone and joint health.
8. Grain-Free Excellence: We avoid cheap grain raw materials, opting for potatoes rich in vitamin C—essential for collagen formation and acting as a potent antioxidant.
9. Advanced Manufacturing: Crafted through a low-temperature dry method, our formula maximizes palatability, aids digestion and absorption, and minimizes nutrient loss associated with high-temperature heating.
10 Puppy Immunity Empowerment: Beta-glucan and coconut are incorporated to fortify the immunity of your growing puppy.
11. Balanced Caloric Content: Tailored to meet the energy needs of your active puppy, ensuring a harmonious balance between nutrition and playfulness.

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